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    Jack sighed. Winter was approaching and he had so far visited at least 15 states to bring on either blizzards or a calm snowfall. It was pretty tiring considering that he was the only one capable of doing it and nobody really helped him.

He looked up at the dark sky. The moon was there, shining down on a small town he visited before but never payed any attention to. Jack wondered whether the other Guardians ever had days like this. Probably not because they all had helpers.

Tooth had the Baby Teeth. North had the yeti’s and the elves. Bunnymund had his egg workers. Sandman could create helpers if he ever needed it.

Ever since Jack’s death and transformation, he had always been alone.

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    "You’re damn right it is," Jack grinned and used his legs to push up the seesaw. "Woo-hoo!" He laughs as he goes up.
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    Right, he has issues with being alone and having no one ever. Poor guy. You shrug. "Well uh, couldn’t hurt, right? And...
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    The night time itself was peaceful. The stars were shining bright and the full moon was out. For the first time the...
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    They told her not to stay, that the human realm was dangerous after they finished with the start of winter but...